MFF 2012 Diary – Day 5

This is going to be a quick post. I literally have a train to catch. Watched just two films on Day 5.

Amour/2012/Michael Haneke/France: 

– The film that came with hype bigger than any other in this festival. The day we came to know Amour is going to be at MFF, dil mein MFF ki izzat/aukaat badh gayi.

– The problem with films with big hype is that they always tend to underwhelm you. Like most people I know didn’t get as bowled over by Rust and Bone as I did when I watched it for the first time at Cannes. Film’s actual merit apart, I think in Mumbai it was being judged on the basis of excellent reviews out of Cannes (Peter Bradshaw had a 4-star review for it), and Jacques Audiard’s previous film A Prophet. I know filmmakers who complain that ‘fanboys’ go in with too much expectations and ruin the film for themselves, but I don’t think there is any way out of it. Reputation nahin hogi toh hum Haneke ya Audiard dekhne ke liye marenge hi kyon? And I think most of cinema lovers do keep mumbling to themselves ‘keep your expectations low’ while entering a big film. And so was I, while entering the theatre to watch Amour. 

– In spite of huge hype, Amour worked for me totally. It’s like a personal diary of a man dealing with the slow decay of a life of love, memories, music, and promises. It won’t move you to tears (there is no background score to aid that process) but it will, if you can connect, take you into a zone of silence and heartbreak. A mood that stays with you for a long time. (Will write a detailed post on this one too, after the fest.)

– Michael Haneke’s writing and cinema craft are a masterclass in themselves. What observations, what staging, and what performances by the lead pair. (None of it should surprise though. It’s Michael Haneke after all.)

Electrick Children/2012/Rebecca Thomas/ USA: 

– Shouldn’t have gone for an American film, I kept telling myself half-way through the film.

– Started off as a serious-toned, mystery or inspection into beliefs/religion.  Went into goofy comedy, and ended as a stoner film with the real possibility of Anupam Kher appearing and telling the leading girl ‘Bhaag Pooja Bhaag’.

– A girl thinks she is pregnant due to an immaculate conception with a music cassette and goes out in search of the singer. Great plot, but what an immaculate deception it turned out to be.


3 thoughts on “MFF 2012 Diary – Day 5

  1. Hi varun,
    Will wait for your detailed post on ‘Amour’. the film totally worked for me. And yeah with no background score the feeling will keep playing with the viewer for a longer while. for me certainly. its there deep inside.

  2. The way the fest is going for me.. I hope today Ship of theseus doesnt turn out to be a beautifully shot psuedo intelligent stinking bullshit.. aisi bahut picture hai is fest mein.. Rust and Bone.. wherever the story has disability, and poverty porn.. I go No No.. same here.. nice movie but then please enough with these themes..

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