Radio – A short story


Originally published in Eklavya’s children’s magazine ‘Chakmak‘ in 2010, the story is my real family history and except some changed names, everything else is based on facts or ‘aisa kahte hain/aisa suna hai/aisa yaad hai’ dictum.

Read my another story on India-Pakistan partition here.

(Image credit: Pixabay’s free stock photo.)


4 thoughts on “Radio – A short story

  1. Hi, I dont know who this is but your stories are amazing. I read Radio about a year back and had bookmarked it. Then went around to reading it again today. Scrolling through the rest of your blog to read more!

  2. I’m a huge fan sir.Just love every bit of your work be it ur songs or ur movies,I just love them.Make me ur assistant ur prodigy or even ur servent but just give me a chance to learn.I myself write nd have written screenplays and songs.Just eager to learn nd want to be the best sir.

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